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Nike Lunarlon TempoParker Fyfe: Fyfe, a slightly built striker with a big right foot, personified the free flowing boys soccer team. He led the Cavs with 28 goals and 25 assists and was named a first team all state selection in Class 6A by the Texas Association of Soccer Coaches. Lake Travis (28 2) built a 24 match winning streak before losing to Coppell in the Class 6A championship match. "Crazy exciting, of course," Moxley said about one of her former stars now competing for a shot at the Olympic team. "We're just hoping if she makes it we can jump on the plane and go. I figure that's a once in a lifetime experience for a coach. The goal is to provide an identity to a site that's badly needed one since launching last year. "What it lacked probably was a consistent driving voice that gave it a particular shape," says Lileks. "I'm trying to give people a reason to go back to it two or three times a day.". Things He Loves: Gleeb, his daughters, his wife Donna, photography, chili, a chocolate malt, girls, rock music, the Beatles' music, impersonations, raking leaves, cats, calling people "babe", badminton, his sisters, his performance robbing the 9th National Bank, pheasant under glass, chamber music, organ recitals, croquet, drinking milk, calling girls "darlin' ", Paris France, Antarctica, tricking Mike into milking the cow, saying silently "Rob Roy Fingerhead", Mr. One's football helmet, wearing cut off jeans, groovy buttons, thinking up euphemisms about the Monkees experience, the song "Randy Scouse Git", the song "Sometime In The Morning", science fiction books, "Head" becoming a chronicle for an age, the song "Some Enchanted Evening", the Prince song "Kiss", hearing himself on the radio for the first time, choosing fingers when making decisions, sports car racing, The "Headquarters" album, the song "Zor And Zam", tinker toys, erector sets, apples, softball, expensive antique cars, reuniting Melvin with his Aunt, wearing his shirts backwards, his B Flat tuning fork, "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy of books, science, building things with his hands, going to a house that a man built all by himself, making something that will last, making something that's important, making something that he can say is his own, sliding down staircases, ballet, telling people that they're all heart, go carts, painting, writing, architecture, architecture draftsmanship, electronics, electronic gadgets, Zelda, treasure hunting, helping out his neighbors, saving his country, doing his werewolf imitation, groovy days, a TV studio set, a frontal attack, playing Creebege, a blender on Zlotnik, his ski chateau inspired home in Laurel Canyon California, quantum physics, invisible as his favorite color, Alpha Centuri, Tamla, the laugh track being turned off during rehearsals, watching movies at home, eating cereal with orange juice poured over it, wearing indian headdresses, his indian heritage, making beads necklaces, the feel of silk, show biz, Shaggy's music, education documentary TV shows, the color white, the color blue, comedian Hans Conried, horse jumping, Danny Kaye, Jerry Lewis, Red Skelton, to someday be known as a serious Broadway actor, radio transmission, sports, overbidding Davy for more close ups from the cameraman, fans, his father's singing as a child, fake bushes painted red, his dad teaching him how to use tools, a parent child bonding after watching "The Monkees" TV show, making metal sculptures, working with wood, breaking tension with a bit of clowing, keeping his private life private, Mike's magic glasses, the song "Johnny B. Goode", driving cross country with Donna, the arts, theater, never being able to sit still, actor James Cagney, directing, his science teacher, saying "gosharoonie", buying city blocks turning them into orange groves, the movie "The Breakfast Club", the movie "Back To The Future", the movie "Cocoon", polo, destroying an empty Coke?machine in the middle of the desert, Little Girl, flight, wondering around the catwalks at Columbia Pictures studio with Henry Diltz, being in front of the camera, playing squash, cardboard boxes, tricking Mike into rewashing plates, Lorelei's magic necklace, tennis, table tennis, playing checkers, cheating at cards, dominoes, the "Frodis Caper (MIJACOGEO)" episode, a woman whose good to him, roller skating, helping Chuck keep the club for 99 years, the outside of the pad TD'd, The Monkeemobile's 4th Dimension, having no visible means of support, doing yo yo tricks, your love showing him things that he never thought he could see (from the song "Sometime In The Morning"), a phantomasgoric spleandor (from the song "Daily Nightly"), knowing She'll Be There, making it up As We Go Along, making it exactly what he wants, experimenting with holography, chasing flying saucers around the California desert, ham radio broadcasting, raising pigeons, raising horses, Rosemarie, Alicia, Lovelight, Lady Jane, floatin' here lazy on his back (from the song "Goin' Down"), movin' slow floatin' free (from the song "Goin' Down"), flowin' on down to New Orleans and pick up on some swingin' scenes (from the song "Goin' Down"), A Lover's Prayer, Loving You Better, Miss November (from the song "I Love You Better", Doing It In The Name Of Love, Pillow Time, singing songs of love (from the song "Acapulco Sun"), a Ticket On A Ferry Ride (from the song "Ticket On A Ferry Ride"), writing country songs, golf, being revered by a small minority, hoping she knock on his door Anytime Anyplace Anywhere, giving you Apples Peaches Bananas And Pears to show he cares, Buddy Holly's music, April Conquest, having Heart And Soul, Mommy And Daddy, a Rolls Royce, Christmas being His Time Of Year, Mendrick's Monkey's Paw, Spending His Life With You, Buying A Dog, a Pleasant Valley Sunday, looking Through The Looking Glass, meeting you at the train station for coffee flavored kisses (from the song "Last Train To Clarksville"), Saturday's Child, England, English television, Tim Buckley's music, Dr.

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