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Nike Lunarglide 9 AmazonMuch like Liberty, yet another footwear brand is trying to create a buzz in the market to win back its customer base. Czech brand Bata has been in India for 84 years and is now working doubly hard to reinvent itself at all levels products, retail reach and media campaigns. But the price and product generation has moved on, making way for a stylised generation, which is price resilient. Today, the sport is still trying to cope with the fall out of what we now call The Steroids Era. Average attendance, which climbed from about 25,000 following the strike shortened 1994 season to roughly 30,000 by end of the decade, has been more or less stuck there ever since. This year gambit a clock to speed up the pace of play is apparently designed to appeal to millennials. Whitehall was notified of the PIAA's investigation last week. The school was asked by the PIAA to conduct an internal investigation and submit a report to District 11. The school, possibly along with the Lisicky family, will be asked to make a presentation to the District 11 committee at its next meeting Oct. "In other words, it is not uncool to be rich," says Rana. Spending money seems to run high with youth across metros and small towns, with youngsters seeing no harm in splurging big time. Some of the coolest things for a young person are a credit card (Mumbai), jewellery (Delhi), a Walkman (Bangalore), sleek gelled hair (Baroda) and neatly combed hair (Chennai).. To a great extent, of course, the success of a movie's merchandise depends on the success of the movie itself kids won't eat the cereal of a movie they, and more importantly their friends, haven't seen. At the same time, box office success does not always guarantee merchandising success analysts cite Casper and Independence Day as two recent hit movies that disappointed their licensees. Much depends on how "toyetic" a movie is, in industry parlance, and the degree to which merchandise is sympatico with the film. FILE In this May 11, 2012, file photo, cycling legend and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong attends a rally at a news conference at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles in favor of Proposition 29, a measure on the June 2012 California primary election ballot that would add a $1 per pack tax on cigarettes. The federal government wants to see Lance Armstrong's medical records from his treatments for cancer. Court records show that government lawyers on July 30 subpoenaed the Indiana University School of Medicine to provide records of Armstrong's treatments and donations he later made to the school.

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