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Nike Free EbayMills, 29, of Kirby Avenue in Bridgeton in connection with a burglary last Thursday on the 500 block of E. Pear Street.Taken were a pair of Nike Force sneakers valued at $120.00; $5 cash, two cell phone chargers; an Android ZTE Whirl3 Net 10 cell phone, serial number 616960087755, valued at $35.00; and one "Obama phone," serial number 01404007819129, valued at $50.00.Mills, wanted on burglary and theft charges,was last seen driving a green Honda Civic.A vehicle on the 1200 block of West Garden Road was entered last Wednesday and miltiple items taken. Items include a ring with white diamonds, a sterling silver bracelet with white stones, and a gold necklace with a pearl pendant.Police are searching for a woman driving a foreign made car who made off from an Aldi's store on South Delsea drive with 24 bags of Kirkwood Chicken Wings last Thursday night.The chicken was worth $227.76 in total.The suspect was described as a black female, approximately 5 foot 6 and 140 pounds, wearing a tank top and a yellow hat.The store manager stated that the vehicle was a black BMW or Mercedes with tinted windows. Football equipment room, located at the north end of Spartan Gym at Shoreline Center. First year 89ers play free and the first 50 registered players receive a Nike football. Information: 206 365 7411.. Farther removed from basic and the everyday drill that some of the more combat forward folks are, Olivia still finds herself perking up and paying attention the air raid siren and the PA alrts. Where other folks immediately dive to cover under their desks, she ducks her head down but doesn't get to the floor right away. "Was that she blurts out, suspecting but not wanting to come to a conclusion.. Fitzpatrick. Bishop Fitzpatrick showed News 4 where.Thieves after heating units have targeted another church in North City. The theft occurred two miles from Mount Chapel Baptist Church, which was recently the victim of a similar theft. Their systems may be adequate but I still challenge the notion that their care is superior. You may be right avout what older people pay for care even though medicare and medicaid both should absorb much of that cost. However, under the new system, those older folks are going to be subject to an auctarial approach to care. Having started the summer scheduled to pay $40 million in luxury taxes, the Blazers were never going to be players in free agency after spending lavishly a year ago. Portland managed to cut that bill dramatically without using any draft picks by swapping Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Nets for Andrew Nicholson. I was less enthused about the Blazers' trading the No.

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